Strategic Project Management: To The Point And Nothing More

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The Book is intended to enlighten team leaders, experienced project managers as well as general readers to the principles and practices of project management. The objective of this Book is to acquaint you with both basic and advance project management concepts and techniques that are relevant in the corporate arena. This Book will help you to learn and apply latest and relevant project management concepts, tools, and techniques by basing the exercise on your existing experience in the project management field.


I wrote this book because various Project Management Methodologies have evolved from the Traditional Project Management Concept. As technology is quickly evolving and diversifying, the damand for Project Management Methodologies that can cope with such diversities produced new trends of Project Management Concepts. Challenges have forced millions of Project Managers across the world to begin wondering and exploring other ways to manage their projects, aside from the Traditional Project Management Approach. New methodologies are becoming Land Marks in Project Management, such as Scrum, Agile, Six Sigma, and others. The book aims at introducing the Traditional/Water Fall Project Management Approach, as well as the most commonly and newly used Project Management Approches; namely Scrum, Agile and Six Sigma. These introductions will have just enough detailing to give the reader a broad understanding for these approches.


This book is about introducing the fundementals of various Project Management Approaches in simple terms.This is the first book in a series. Future books will give in-depth information about each indevisual Project Management Approach. The ultimate goal is to provide the reader with a veriety of Project Management Options to choose from. The reader can then find the approach that best fit his/her Project Management Style and the Project best interest. We manage projects in our lives all the time. It is not only for engineers. If you are a Project Manager, a Parent, a Freelancer, a Student, a Teacher, a Boss, a Decision Maker of any type or shape, this book will help you understand what Project Management is all about.Your project could be building your dream house, transfering your idea from a thought in your mind to a prototype, introducing a new Social Media Software, preserving a species from extention, making your first Album or Noval, or simply planning a trip. How much a value you put to your project? If it matters that much to you, you don’t want it to fail. You have to plan it right. Which Project Management Approach best works for you? That’s why you should read this book and the series. Once you decide the right approach that best works for you, and depending on the details and complexity of your project, choose only the steps or processes that you need. Keep it simple.This is the Secret of Project Success.


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