Coloring Book: Skill Challenge: Dare Your Skills to the Limit (Volume)

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Coloring Book Skill Challenge

Dare Your Skills To The LIMIT

with over 140 mixed themes (Mandala, nature, animals,… You name it

Love is Color! Color is Love

Coloring is built into our Genes. Coloring is our ultimate way of expressing our Love and Passion. This type of mindful activity helps reduce stress and improves concentration.

We are all creators by nature. Coloring is one expression type of our creativity. Most coloring books focus on one theme with limited number of coloring pages.

For this coloring book, we wanted to introduce a new Out-of-the-Box Idea:

  • What if there is a Coloring Book that challenges Your Skills!
  • What if Your Skills are Pushed to the Limit!
  • What if you had to explore other themes!
  • What if the Themes are not even arranged!
  • What if the number of pages is way beyond anything you’ve ever seen before!
  • What if…….!

There is no ‘wrong’ way to draw something, and creativity is all about experimentation.

Are you up to this Fun Challenge? Then, we’ll say no more.

Dazzle Your Sole. Now go out there and make your magic!

color love,


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