Recognition Overdue – Women Are Shaping The World

A Glance at Females’ Great Contributions to Humanity.
* Jacinda Ardern: Prime Minister of New Zealand
* 10 World-Changing Inventions You Didn’t Know Were Created By Women
* 11 of History’s Greatest Female Scientists
* 10 Female Activists That Changed the World
* Most Influential Women in the History of Social Work
* Women Political Leaders —Historical and Current
* A Small List of Great Women in Recent History
* 12 Quotes from Incredible Female Scientists That Will Inspire You to Reach Higher
* 4 Challenges Women in Science Continue to Face
And much more.

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Recognition Overdue – Women Are Shaping The World

Women contribution to Science, Technology, Politics, and Humanity – Women Liberation Movements improving Women Rights

Maybe a stunning statement to claim that without women, we’ll be back to the Stone Age. But that’s exactly what “State of Denial” Does to us. Frankly speaking, the easiest way to deny a Concrete Fact is simply to say “That’s Stupid, non-sense, rubbish,…etc”. The hardest way to face a Concrete Fact is to say “How? Explain!, I Need to Know More!, I’m Interested (not interesting),…etc”.

Let’s see!!!

They Claim: Men Are Born to be LEADERS!

Really? Who raise Men to become Leaders? Other Men? Give me a break.

They Claim: Men work so hard to preserve humanity!

Really? Who have been killing each other/Humanity in the so called WARS? Women? Are you from Planet Mars?

They Claim: Men are Smarter!

Really? Who are packed on top of each other in Jails like Sardines? Women Again? Which Galaxy you say you’re from?

They Claim: Men know how to take care of each other in WARS!

Really? Who do we call Angles of Wars, healing our stupid wounds caused from our stupid thinking and acts? Have some respect. We all know who they are.

They Claim: Yeh, but Men run the Economy!

Really? Let’s put things into their perspectives. Men Ruin the Economy (just add letter “I” to run), and women heal the wounds, AGAIN. Too much for your MAN brain? Figures.

They Claim: Well, but Men work Harder!

Really? 8 hours a day is Hard Work??? How about 24/7/365 for 25 non-stop years to make a Man out of You? Go figure. Now that’s really way above your MAN Brain!!!

They Claim: OK, but we MEN Run the World!

You still don’ know the difference between RUN and RUIN? MEN RUINED THE WORLD over and over again. And each time Women healed the wounds over and over again.

They Claim: If so, can they live without us?

Did you have to ask? ..Moron.. Wish you never did.

Throughout Mankind History, women have been asking for their rights. And men think they are asking for too much. Imagine if women lost hope and started thinking of Revenge? How long can men last? Even worse. Will women ever re-accept men? Based on Men previous history with women’s rights, men should be grateful if they were ever re-accepted.

History has taught us that women have a great level of patience.

This book may not change today’s Ugly Facts, but it will show a very small portion of Females’ Great Contributions to Humanity. Hoping that someday, somewhere, somehow, Females are rewarded and respected for their great contributions to Humanity.

The surprise of this book is kept at this unique Section:

“The Greatest One Single Female of All Times”


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