Thorn Tree – travel blogs by kids

@travellingmum: The blogs will be part of the kids’ schooling. My daughter needs lots of work with language and this will be just one tool. She’s already working with a tutor on a blog. She really likes it. I hoping it can shape her travels as well as help her remember what she’s seen as a journal would.

Really what I need to say to you, however, is thanks so, so much for Turns out she lives near us and is friends of friends so we’ll be getting together to get advice from the kid and the parents. What a great find!

@momof4: We’re headed in the exact opposite direction. We’re from California, the opposite coast from you. Our tentative itinerary is Europe/Turkey, Kenya, India, SE Asia, maybe backtrack to Bhutan for a volunteer gig, maybe head to Australia/South Pacific for the vacation at the end. So many choices, too little time.


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