Master Google Go (GoLang) Programming Today

GoLang: The Trending Coding Language. Level up your Google Go coding and Web Development skills from basic commands up to building your own website with Golang

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Start Google Go (GoLang) Programming Today and Become a Master of Golang!

This is an Introductory Course to learning Google Go (GoLang) Programming.

Once you finish this Introductory Course, you can enroll in our Comprehensive Google Go (GoLang) Programming Masterclass Course.

You will learn the following:

GoLang: The Trending Coding Language. Level up your Google Go coding and Web Development skills from basic commands up to building your own website with Golang

The Complete Web Development and Coding Guide Golang: Google’s Go Programming Language

Over 100+ Lessons and 30+ Hours to go from Newbie to Master Programmer and Developer.

The Complete Web Development and Coding Guide Golang: Google’s Go Programming Language

Would you like to go from a Google Go beginner to a full-fledged Golang programmer? If so, this Google Go Programming course is for you!

Golang is one of the best programming languages around today. There are many different employers searching for Golang programmers who can make applications and websites using their Google Go skills. In fact, freelancers who program in Golang often make between $35 to $155 an hour doing what they love!

If you’re interested in learning a new skill, changing your thinking, and developing open-source applications then this course if for you! Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Background information on Golang, including how to install and run all the programs you need on your PC, Mac, or Linux computer.
  • Programming basics that transfer to any languages you want to learn after becoming a Golang developer.
  • Advanced skills such as creating for loops, expressions, fall-through statements, and more.
  • Web development using Golang, as well as different web programming languages, and more!

So, get ready to discover the skills you need to make programs using the Golang language! The only thing you need to begin is a dedication to learning an income earning skill and a computer that runs Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Don’t waste your time

REMEMBER… You will get lifetime access to over 100 lectures.

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You will Learn by Practice:

By the end of this Unique Course, you will go from #Newbie to #Advanced as an #GoLang_Programmer. Here is what you’ll learn:

1 Establishing your Go Language system

  1. Watch this first!
  2. Setting up Golang
  3. Downloading and Installing Go compiler


2 Golang fundamentals

  1. Understanding basic structure of the GO language
  2. Understanding basic syntax to be used in GO language
  3. Learn data types available in Go language
  4. Working with integer type in GO language


3 Golang variables and operators

  1. Understanding variable and their uses in Go language
  2. Understanding how to modify variables in GO language
  3. Learn arithmetic operators and their uses in Go language
  4. Learn assignment operators and their uses in Go language
  5. Understanding the If statement for comparison operators
  6. Learn relational operators and their uses in Go language
  7. Learn logical operators and their uses in Go language


4 Golang If statements

  1. Working with If statement in detail
  2. Learn how to use If and Else both in GO language
  3. Learn If, Else and Else If in detail in GO language
  4. Understand nested If and Else and their uses in Go language
  5. Nested If, Else and Else If in detail with example


5 Golang Switch statements and For loops

  1. Understand Switch statement and its work flow and uses in Go language
  2. Switch statement detailed
  3. Understanding for loop in GO language


6 Golang functions

  1. Creating very basic function in Golang
  2. Using functions in Go language with parameter
  3. Using multiple parameters in a function in Golang
  4. Converting integer to string in Golang
  5. Return single or multiple functions values in Golang
  6. Global and local variable scope rule in Golang and other programming language
  7. Built-in string functions in Golang -part 1 (detailed)
  8. Built-in string functions in Golang – part 2 (detailed)
  9. Built-in Math functions – part 1 (detailed)
  10. Built-in Math functions – part 2 (detailed)


7 Golang arrays and pointers

  1. Basics of array in Golang, creating array, and calling it
  2. Creating arrays with different styles
  3. Understanding multidimensional array, accessing arrays data and editing in Golang
  4. How to use pointers in Golang


8 Golang structures, slices, and ranges

  1. Understanding structures in Golang and how to use them
  2. Working with structure in function in Golang
  3. Understanding slices in Golang
  4. Understanding range in Golang with arrays in detail
  5. Using range to iterate map in Golang
  6. Making recursive function in Golang


9 S2 Series: Golang web development: HTML basics

  1. Learn HTML basics for GO language
  2. Understanding basic text logic of HTMLization
  3. Understanding attributes and its uses in HTMLization
  4. Understanding fix attributes
  5. Documenting and commenting
  6. Understanding linking methods in HTML
  7. Understanding how to apply images in HTML
  8. Tabulating in HTML
  9. Understanding iframe logic and uses
  10. Learn head area and its deep parts
  11. Understanding User Inputs (Audio Fix)
  12. Understanding user inputs part 2
  13. Div and other semantic tags


10 Golang web development: CSS basics

  1. IDs, classes ad their uses in CSS
  2. Background properties and its uses
  3. Understanding element box model
  4. Floating and clearing the elements
  5. Understanding positioning


11 Golang web development: Basic website structure

  1. Designing header and understanding basics of page designing
  2. Designing navbar
  3. Main area and footer designing
  4. lists ordered and unordered
  5. nested ordered and unordered lists


12 Golang web development: Bootstrap framework

  1. How and why to use bootstrap for front end development
  2. Bootstrap typography
  3. Bootstrap colors
  4. Tabulating
  5. Understanding navigations using bootstrap
  6. Understanding complete navigation bar
  7. Understanding Bootstrap container type and their uses
  8. Understanding rows and columns logic
  9. Adding responsiveness to the page


13 Golang web development: Creating a website template

  1. Designing web page using Bootstrap template method
  2. Some little tweaks about the grid system of the Bootstrap columns
  3. Understanding list group and list group items while making sidebar
  4. Making of main area and footer
  5. Understanding text template new, parse and execute keyword in Golang
  6. Understanding basic usage of text templating in Golang
  7. Basics of OS package in Golang
  8. Using range keyword to apply slice in templating
  9. Using variable in the template Golang
  10. Separating template file from go programming file in Golang
  11. Passing data to template file in Golang
  12. Using variables in template file Golang
  13. Using slice in template Golang
  14. Applying HTML tags to the template Golang
  15. Using maps in template Golang
  16. Using structure in the template Golang
  17. Understanding FuncMap and Funcs in Golang, applying builtin string functions
  18. Using custom functions in the templates Golang
  19. Using If in templates Golang
  20. Using and or in template with if Golang
  21. Using If, Else If and Else in template Golang
  22. Using greater than gt, less than lt, and equal to eq statement in template Golang
  23. Nested templating in Golang
  24. Using method in template
  25. Converting go html file into html file Golang
  26. Using net http package with listen and serve functions
  27. Detailed talk about request and response in Golang
  28. Dynamic live code reloading of web app by Fresh plugin Golang


14 HTTP status codes

  1. HTTP status code understanding
  2. Understanding HTTP status codes – part 1
  3. Understanding HTTP status codes – part 2
  4. Understanding HTTP status codes – part 3
  5. Understanding HTTP Status Codes – part 4

15 Additional Content: Grand Finale

Bonus Lectures. Enjoy the Benefits

You could also end up using these skills in your work for Your #Clients, and much more.


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