San Bernardino County erases reported jump in COVID-19 deaths, cites state error

The huge jump in reported deaths from COVID-19 that San Bernardino County reported Friday, July 30 — more than doubling the previous daily record — was a mistake, county officials said Monday, Aug. 2.

A state error is to blame for adding 224 deaths — with dates of death going back as far as 16 months — county spokesman David Wert said Monday.

The county now reports 4,858 deaths caused by COVID-19. That’s seven more than the total had been the day before the influx of deaths.

State officials had also warned the county to expect a continued climb in deaths over the next several days, as older deaths were added to the total, but that increase is no longer expected, Wert said.

The number of tests for coronavirus was also reduced by 107,090, which Wert said also correcting a state error.

Neighboring counties didn’t experience any such jump.

The county’s numbers are still worsening.

The number of new cases confirmed this week is 69% higher than the number last week, and the number of patients hospitalized with a confirmed case of COVID-19 grew by 41%.

The number of vaccine doses administered rose by 20%, including vaccinating the one-millionth county resident, in the past week.

Here are the latest numbers. Vaccination and hospitalization data comes from the state and is as of Sunday, Aug. 1. Other numbers were reported by the county Monday.

San Bernardino County


  • 1,837,858 doses administered so far to county residents
  • 36,586 doses reported in the past week
  • 1,012,586 residents have received at least one dose
  • 876,861 of those residents are fully vaccinated

Confirmed cases

  • 308,052 total
  • 3,531 reported in the past week
  • 299,028 of the total cases are estimated to be resolved (living patients who tested positive more than 10 days ago)


  • 4,858 total
  • 10 reported in the past week

Hospital survey (20 of 25 facilities reporting)

  • 290 confirmed and 19 suspected patients hospitalized
  • 64 confirmed and 4 suspected patients in the ICU


  • 3,454,206 total
  • -79,294 reported in the past week

How this week compares to the week before

  • 20% more vaccine doses reported
  • 69% more cases reported
  • 41% fewer deaths reported
  • 36% more confirmed patients in the hospital
  • 36% more confirmed patients in the ICU
  • 283% fewer tests reported

For information on cases, deaths and vaccinations by community in San Bernardino County, click here.

Here is a look at how the county’s numbers have changed each day:

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