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Go Travel has been a leader in group travel for nearly 40 years. In that time, group travel has become an increasingly popular way to travel. Whether it may be a family celebration, bachelorette getaway, seminar-at-sea, or entertainment event, traveling as a group is fun, convenient and offers a fantastic opportunity for group members to network, while at the same time, see the world! You may opt for a land adventure, a shipboard journey, or a combination of both land and sea. We handle anything from small family groups to 500+ meeting/entertainment groups during which we can arrange a variety of activities including teambuilding, cocktail parties, meeting facilities, and/or specialty entertainment.

Our close relationships with partners around the globe means that your group has access to special complimentary amenities. Plus, we negotiate the most competitive rates on your behalf, so you can rest assured your guests are receiving the best possible value. Furthermore, when organizing a group, the booking process can be extremely time consuming when you need to collect from each of your friends and family their individual information and preferences. Instead, let Go Travel manage the details of your next group trip while you focus on enjoying your memorable group getaway.




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