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Complete, obtain appropriate approval signature and return the Domestic Travel Worksheet with original receipts* to Donna Dobis, Travel Analyst. There is no per diem rate for domestic travel less than 30 days. Please record your actual expenditures on the domestic travel worksheet. The domestic travel worksheet must be signed by the PI.

Meals are not reimbursed when the trip is less than 24 hours in duration except when there is an overnight stay. In this case, meals are reimbursable with proof of a lodging receipt.

Per diem can be claimed for travel to Alaska and Hawaii. The per diem rates can be found at the Defense Travel Management Office. Please use the Foreign Travel Worksheet for this type of reimbursement.

Declaration of Missing Evidence: If you are unable to locate original receipts for your trip, please complete a declaration of missing evidence form with an alternate proof of purchase (i.e. credit card statement showing payment).

*Receipts for all expenses for which you seek reimbursement are required including, but not limited to:

  • Airline Passenger Receipts**
  • Rental car receipts, rail ticket stubs, bus tickets
  • Local transportation receipts
  • Receipts for miscellaneous expenses (supplies)
  • Hotel receipts (must be itemized to show nightly rates, applicable taxes, etc.)
  • Conference Registration Receipts

**When traveling using federal funds you must comply with the Fly America Act.

U.S. carriers shall be used for all travel reimbursed from federal contracts or grants. Please reference the Fly America Act webpage for a list of exceptions.


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