Video Creation, Animation & Editing with DaVinci & Camtasia

Learn Video Creation, Animation & Editing in DaVinci Resolve & Camtasia with Color Correction, Color Grading, Visual Effects, Animation and much more

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FREE: Introduction to Video Creation, Animation & Editing with DaVinci Resolve & Camtasia: Beginner to Advanced

After you finish this Introductory Course, you can enroll in our Comprehensive Video Creation, Animation & Editing with DaVinci Resolve & Camtasia: Beginner to Advanced Course.

You will learn the following:

Video Creation, Animation & Editing with DaVinci Resolve & Camtasia: Beginner to Advanced

Learn Video Creation, Animation & Editing in DaVinci Resolve & Camtasia with Color Correction, Color Grading, Visual Effects, Animation and much more

Create Videos with Camtasia

These Videos Take You Step By Step Through The Technical Parts Of Putting Your Marketing Strategy in Place!

This Is a Practical Video Course With many Additional Video Tutorials Showing You How to Do What You Learned in The Course.

  • Interactive Hotspot
  • Interactive Hosting
  • Survey Creation
  • Screen Drawing
  • Picture In Picture Video
  • Optimal Set Up
  • Mic Set Up
  • Things to Do Before You Hit Record
  • Mp3’s In Camtasia 9
  • Batch Recording and Batch Bundling
  • The Six By Six Rule
  • Eye Level Computing…..
  • and Much Much More

The Animation Playbook

Once you’ve learned how to use a software and how to create a story, you’ve become an expert on how to create one video. With this product you get to know a process to create multiple kinds of video, multiple stories and multiple scenarios. You can attract new customers and prospects with these easy and simple steps to creating animated videos!

In this Video Course you’ll discover:

  • Creating Your Script
  • Implementing Business Growth Engines
  • Narrating Your Audio
  • Editing Your Audio
  • Determining Keywords
  • Gathering Assets
  • Designing Scenes
  • Adding Music
  • Using Video Sources
  • Using Audio Sources
  • And Much, Much More

DaVinci Resolve

Become a Hollywood quality video producer in less then one day! These top quality video tutorials will teach you how!

Have you heard about this awesome video editing software that are widely used by professional video editors on some amazing 3D movies? The software is called DaVinci Resolve.

You want to become professional and this amazing tool can be used for free. The thing is that, reading all the documentation of this powerful tool may burn you down.

The good news is that inside this product is a video tutorial on how to effectively use the DaVinci Resolve software fast and professionally so you can immediately work on your own project.

Part 1

Introduction to DaVinci

Setting up a project

Part 2

Create an Introduction

Adding text

Adding effects

Adding music

Part 3

Adding a lower third

Removing the background color (non-green screen)

Reversing the clip

Part 4

Adding a wipe (+ green screen)

Removing 2 background colors

Part 5

Creating a pattern interrupt

Adding text bubbles

Using freeze frame

Part 6

Things to know when using screen recordings

Adding images

Useful resources

Remember to download the standard Davinci version (not Studio version)

Here Is What’s Inside The Program:

1 Create Videos with Camtasia

  1. 0001 Use Multiple Screens
  2. 0002 Bring Your PC To Eye Level
  3. 0003 The Inexpensive Noise Cancelling Mic Setup
  4. 0004 The Production Machine
  5. 0005 Setting Up Your Home Network For Production
  6. 0006 Using Project Files
  7. 0007 Recording In One Take
  8. 0008 Webcams And Picture In Picture Video
  9. 0009 Batch Converting Audio To Mp3 Using Camtasia
  10. 0010 Batch Bulk Zipper
  11. 0011 Drawing Tool Basics
  12. 0012 Before You Hit Record
  13. 0013 Creating A Gif With Camtasia
  14. 0014 Customer Service With Camtasia
  15. 0015 Two Important Factors About Interactive Videos With Camtasia
  16. 0016 Embedding Your Screencast Com Video To WordPress
  17. 0017 Table Of Contents And Self Hosting Interactive Content
  18. 0018 Hotspots Daisy Chain
  19. 0019 Surveys And Chaining
  20. 0020 Picture In Picture and the Color Out Tool

2 The Animation Playbook

  1. 0000 Overview
  2. 0001 Creating Your Script
  3. 0002 Narrating Your Video Audio
  4. 0003 Editing Your Audio
  5. 0004 Determine Keywords Determine Style
  6. 0005 Gathering Assets Based On Keywords
  7. 0006 Designing Scenes Adding Assets
  8. 0007 Adding Royalty Free Audio
  9. 0008 Understanding Timelines Matching With Audio
  10. 0009 Producing And Processing Your Video
  11. 0010 Using Existing Text Content To Create A Script
  12. 0011 Turning Word Documents Into A Script
  13. 0012 Turning Audio Into Scenes
  14. 0013 Turning Existing Or PLR Audio Into Scenes Part 2
  15. 0014 Turning Existing PLR Video Into Audio For Animated Video
  16. 0015 My Simple Show Alternative Animated Video Creator
  17. 0016 Timeline Operations Native Images
  18. 0017 Timeline Operations Drawing And Animation Time
  19. 0018 Timeline Operations Pause
  20. 0019 Timeline Operations Transition
  21. 0020 Conclusion Outsourcing Leveraging Resources

3 DaVinci Resolve

  1. v1 DaVinci Resolve part 1
  2. v2 DaVinci Resolve part 2
  3. v3 DaVinci Resolve part 3
  4. v4 DaVinci Resolve part 4
  5. v5 DaVinci Resolve part 5
  6. v6 DaVinci Resolve part 6
  7. v7 Tutorial
  8. v8 DaVinci Resolve Lite
  9. v9 Green Screen Tutorial

4 Additional Content: Grand Finale

  1. Bonus Lectures. Enjoy the Benefits

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