The COW: The 286 Ultimate Facts To A Successful Life

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The 286 Ultimate Facts To A Successful Life

All along we have been told by people just like us what is Right, what is Wrong, what is a Fact, what is a Myth, who is Right, who is Wrong…

They simply judge things based on their own perceptions, which is OK. What is not OK is that we take their own perceptions and make concrete facts out of them. Why? Because we tend to think, or prefer to think, that they know it All. They don’t.

But they know everything that is good for us? They don’t.

Then Who does?

This book will answer all your questions leading your way to a Successful Life. The first test will be on your patience. Are you willing to read on? Or will you give up from the first couple pages or so?

A little Advice. Couple hours of Open-Minded Reading will improve your life forever, have a new perception to life, feel good about yourself knowing what you never knew before,… Isn’t it worth the effort?


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