Master Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Kali Linux and Penetration Testing

Become an Ethical Hacker. Hack computer systems like Black Hat Hackers. Secure Systems like Cyber Security Expert.

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Master Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Kali Linux and Penetration Testing

This course is an Introduction to Mastering Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Kali Linux and Penetration Testing

After you finish this Introductory Course, you can enroll in our Comprehensive Mastering Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Kali Linux and Penetration Testing Course.

You will learn the following:

Become an Ethical Hacker. Hack computer systems like Black Hat Hackers. Secure Systems like Cyber Security Expert.

Why Learn Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security and Kali Linux?

You are about to experience an awesome ethical hacking course with brand new tutorials that will empower you to go from knowing absolutely nothing about hacking into getting started today.

You might wonder, why would I want to learn ethical hacking? What is it?

Ethical hacking is just hacking used for good, to help people secure their websites, their applications, and their online properties.

Ethical hacking is an extremely valuable job skill that the more applications, the more website, the more software that is created, the more ethical hackers are needed to keep these things secure, to proactively find the vulnerabilities before real hackers or black hat hackers find them.

This is a very valuable job skill that you can work on, and you can get a full-time job in this almost anywhere in the world. You can see people earning a fortune and earning great hourly rates all over the world to do ethical hacking.

You can see anywhere from $35 an hour at the very lowest as a security consultant to over $250 an hour to be an ethical hacker that is certified and experienced with a consistent job success.

This is why I have executively produced this video course for you, to give you this very valuable skill here to help you get great results in your life online.

You can see that as of today, the course has got six sections of videos from introduction and installation, basic commands, prepare your lab, footprinting, scanning, and web penetration testing.

After you are done with footprinting, then we have got scanning, including Metasploitable, Nmap, Zenmap, TCPscans, then into web penetration testing.

When you buy the course, you also get lifetime access and first immediate access to all the videos that come up. You will also get a 30-day money back guarantee.

Here is some of What you’ll learn:

  • 140+ Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security and Kali Linux videos
  • Learn what is ethical hacking, its fields and the various types of hackers
  • Start from scratch and work your way up to expert level
  • Secure systems from all the attacks shown
  • Hack & secure both WiFi & wired networks
  • Install Kali Linux – a penetration testing operating system
  • Install windows & vulnerable operating systems as virtual machines for testing
  • Install hacking lab & needed software (works on Windows, OS and Linux)
  • Crack WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryptions using a number of methods.
  • Discover vulnerabilities & exploit them hack into servers
  • Hack secure systems using client-side and social engineering attacks
  • Use 35+ hacking tools such as Metasploit, Aircrack-ng, SQLmap…..etc
  • Understand how websites work, how to discover and exploit web application vulnerabilities to gain full control over websites
  • Create a fake Wi-Fi network with internet connection & spy on clients
  • Gain access to any account accessed by any client in your network.
  • Learn linux basics
  • Learn linux commands and how to interact with the terminal
  • Learn Network Penetration Testing
  • Gather information about people, such as emails, social media accounts, emails and friends
  • Use social engineering to gain full control over target systems
  • Send emails from ANY email account without knowing the password for that account
  • Network basics & how devices interact inside a network
  • A number of practical attacks that can be used without knowing the key to the target network
  • Control connections of clients around you without knowing the password.
  • Gather detailed information about clients and networks like their OS, opened ports …etc.
  • ARP Spoofing/ARP Poisoning
  • Gain control over computer systems using client side attacks
  • Gain control over computer systems using fake updates
  • Gain control over computer systems by backdooring downloads on the fly
  • Launch Various Man In The Middle attacks.
  • Sniff packets from clients and analyse them to extract important info such as: passwords, cookies, urls, videos, images ..etc.
  • Discover open ports, installed services and vulnerabilities on computer systems
  • Gain control over computer systems using server side attacks
  • Exploit buffer over flows and code execution vulnerabilities to gain control over systems
  • Create undetectable backdoors
  • Backdoor normal programs
  • Backdoor any file type such as pictures, pdf’s …etc.
  • Read, write download, upload and execute files on compromised systems
  • Discover, exploit and fix code execution vulnerabilities
  • Discover, exploit & fix local file inclusion vulnerabilities
  • Discover, fix, and exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities
  • Capture keystrokes on a compromised system
  • Use a compromised computer as a pivot to gain access to other computers on the same network
  • Exploit file upload vulnerabilities & gain full control over the target website
  • Bypass login forms and login as admin using SQL injections
  • Writing SQL queries to find databases, tables and sensitive data such as usernames and passwords using SQL injections
  • Understand how websites & web applications work
  • Understand how browsers communicate with websites
  • Gather sensitive information about websites
  • Fix XSS vulnerabilities & protect yourself from them as a user
  • Discover servers, technologies and services used on target website
  • Discover emails and sensitive data associated with a specific website
  • Find all subdomains associated with a website
  • Discover unpublished directories and files associated with a target website
  • Hook victims to BeEF using XSS vulnerabilities
  • Find all websites hosted on the same server as the target website
  • Read / Write files to the server using SQL injections
  • Learn the right way to write SQL queries to prevent SQL injections
  • Discover reflected XSS vulnerabilities
  • Discover Stored XSS vulnerabilities

Thank you very much for getting started with Master Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security and Kali Linux.”

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You will Learn by Practice:

By the end of this Unique Course, you will go from #Newbie to #Advanced as an #GoLang_Programmer. Here is what you’ll learn:

1 Introduction and installation!

  1. Before we begin!
  2. Virtual Box install tutorial
  3. Kali Linux install tutorial
  4. Going full screen in Kali Linux!


2 Basic commands!

  1. Basic commands – part 1
  2. Basic commands – part 2
  3. Basic commands – part 3


3 Prepare your lab!

  1. Changing IP address and setting up wireless adapter
  2. Creating bootable Kali USB
  3. Important networking terms
  4. Important hacking terms
  5. Few things to do after installing Kali Linux
  6. Changing our Mac Address – Macchanger


4 Footprinting!

  1. Google hacking
  2. Nikto basics
  3. Whois tool
  4. Email harvesting
  5. Shodan
  6. Zone transfer with dig


5 Scanning!

  1. Installing Metasploitable
  2. Nmap – part 1
  3. Nmap – part 2
  4. Nmap – part 3
  5. Zenmap
  6. TCP scans
  7. Nmap bypassing defenses
  8. Nmap scripts 1
  9. Nmap scripts 2


6 Web penetration testing!

  1. Installing Owasp
  2. HTTP request
  3. HTTP response
  4. Burp Suite configuration
  5. Editing packets in Burp Suite
  6. Whatweb & Dirb
  7. Password recovery attack
  8. Burp Suite login bruteforce
  9. Hydra login bruteforce
  10. Session fixation
  11. Injection attacks
  12. Simple command injection
  13. Exploiting command injection vulnerability
  14. Finding blind command injection
  15. Basics of SQL
  16. Manual SQL injection – part 1
  17. Manual SQL injection – part 2
  18. SQLmap basics
  19. XML injection
  20. Installing XCAT and preventing injection attacks
  21. Reflected XSS
  22. Stored XSS
  23. Changing HTML code with XSS
  24. XSSer & XSSsniper


7 WPA2 cracking

  1. Wireless attacks theory
  2. Putting network card in monitor mode
  3. Capturing handshake with Airodump
  4. Cracking RockYou.txt
  5. Cracking with Aircrack
  6. Cracking with Hashcat
  7. Making password lists with Crunch
  8. Making password lists with Cupp
  9. Rainbowtables – part 1
  10. Rainbowtables – part 2
  11. Installing fluxion
  12. Finding and cracking hidden network
  13. Preventing wireless attacks


8 Man in the middle

  1. ARP protocol basics
  2. MITM attack theory
  3. Installing MITMf
  4. Manual Arpspoofing
  5. Problems while installing MITMf
  6. HTTP traffic sniffing
  7. Attach DNS spoofing and HTTPS password sniffing
  8. Hooking browsers with BEEF
  9. Screenshotting targets browser
  10. Cloning any webpage
  11. Ettercap basics


9 System hacking

  1. MSFconsole environment
  2. Metasploit modules explained
  3. Bruteforcing SSH with Metasploit
  4. Attacking Tomcat with Metasploit
  5. Getting Meterpreter with command injection
  6. PHP code injection
  7. 2 Metasploitable exploits
  8. Wine installation
  9. Crafting Windows payloads with Msfvenom
  10. Encoders & Hexeditor
  11. Windows 10 Meterpreter shell
  12. Meterpreter environment
  13. Windows 10 privilege escalation
  14. Preventing privilege escalation
  15. Post exploitation modules
  16. Getting Meterpreter over Internet with port forwarding
  17. Eternalblue exploit
  18. Persistence module
  19. Hacking over Internet with Ngrok
  20. Android device attack with Venom
  21. Real hacking begins now!


10 Python basics

  1. Variables
  2. raw_input
  3. IF ELSE statement
  4. FOR loop
  5. WHILE loop
  6. Python lists
  7. Functions
  8. Classes
  9. Importing libraries
  10. Files in Python
  11. Try and Except rule


11 Coding advance backdoor

  1. Theory behind reverse shell
  2. Simple server code
  3. Connection with reverse shell
  4. Sending and receiving messages
  5. Sending messages with while true loop
  6. Executing commands on target system
  7. Fixing backdoor bugs & adding functions
  8. Cont… Installing Pyinstaller
  9. First performance test of our backdoor
  10. Trying to connect every 20 seconds
  11. Creating persistence – part 1
  12. Creating persistence – part 2
  13. Changing directory
  14. Uploading & downloading files
  15. Downloading files from Internet
  16. Starting programs from our backdoor
  17. Capturing screenshot on target PC
  18. Embedding backdoor in image – part 1
  19. Embedding backdoor in image – part 2
  20. Checking for administrator privileges
  21. Adding help option


12 Creating keylogger for backdoor

  1. Importing Pynput
  2. Simple keylogger
  3. Adding report function
  4. Writing keystrokes to a file
  5. Adding keylogger to our reverse shell – part 1
  6. Adding keylogger to our reverse shell – part 2
  7. Final project test


13 Basic authentication bruteforcer

  1. Printing banner
  2. Adding available options
  3. Starting threads for bruteforce
  4. Making function to run the attack
  5. Bruteforcing router login
  6. Bypassing antivirus with all your future programs
  7. Sending malware with spoofed email
  8. What’s next

14 Additional Content: Grand Finale

  1. Bonus Lectures. Enjoy the Benefits
  2. Student Questions and Instructor Answers
  3. Very Valuable Articles You Never Want To MISS

You could also end up using these skills in your work for Your #Clients, and much more.


We really hope you find this course valuable, but either way, please leave a review and share your experience…


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