12 Travel Compression Bags, Hibag 12-Pack Roll-Up Space Saver Storage Bags for Travel, Suitcase Size (12-Travel)

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  • PA+PE
  • TRAVEL PACKING BAGS: The combo includes 12 bags (6 M size & 6 L size), saving up to 80% space no vacuum needed, providing a perfect storage solution for travel and home.
  • COMPRESSION BAGS: The dual zippers has one lower side and one higher side, easy to close and re-open, separating the zipper when opening the bag is not a challenge any more!
  • SEAL PACKING BAGS: The unique Double-Zip design has separated yellow and blue lines on each sides. Better visualize full sealing of the zipper closure.
  • DURABLE SPACE SAVER: The bags are manufactured under the strictest quality control standards using premium material, ensure long-term storage in the compression bags.

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Product Description

Feel confident in travelling with Hibag compression bags for travel.


Putting away and organizing clothes in your suitcase/bag could be a huge pain, they tend to mess up as a mountain taking up a lot of your suitcase storage space. These travel compression bag provide up to 3X space as fold-and-stack through rolling and expelling air, reducing 75% of their oringinal space.

Come in 2 sizes (luggage & carry-on), Hibag travel compression bags for packing suffices your unique storage needs wether you are storing laundry when you are camping/doing outdoor sports or trying to keep as much clothing as possible in your carry-on luggage/backpack during trips or struggling to keep your cloth dry and clean as a pool/sea dry bag, thanks to airtight sealing of these roll up travel storage bag, the air inside these items can be squeezed out so that their size is reduced to a fraction of their initial volume. The packing bags for travel also prevent items from moisture and dusts, making long term storage possible.


Size Guide & Usage Tips

4-STEP Compression Packing

1. PACK: place the bag on a flat surface-on the floor or a desk. Fold clothes flat and put them inside the bag evenly.

2. ZIP: use the zip clip tab, slide back and forth several times to make sure the zippers are fully sealed without leaking vents.

3. ROLL: roll the bag evenly starting from zipper end to vent end, squeeze air out of the bag as much as possible.

4. STORE: After rolling, check for leakings. Keep them rolled or stretch them flat then put them away in suitcases/bags.

Usage Tips

1. completely dry all items before storing them in packing bags.

2. avoid over-stuffing, use multiple bags instead.

3. double check the zippers for full closure, avoid stuff with sharp corners.

4. check leaking holes if there are “hiss” sound, a sticky tape should fix this problem.


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