Huge List of RV Blogs You Should Frequent

There are thousands of incredible bloggers who share their stories, photos, and videos from life on the road. RoverPass has searched the Internet to put together a huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.

Winners can display the Top RV Blog badge on their website. We tried to email each of the winners, but if we missed you, we want to hear from you! Get in contact with us.

Let us know in the comments your favorite bloggers that aren’t on the list!


Dave and Ann are definitely traveling experts! They had a five-month honeymoon where they traveled 10,000 miles from San Francisco to Panama.

Upon returning they purchased a small farm in California to live closer to the land.

They seem to have caught the road bug again because now they’re living in their Airstream full-time with their young family while driving across the United States just one on this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.

Let us introduce you to another Airstream family (there’s a few more, too), but this time from down under in Australia.

Remi and Sonia not only live in their Airstream with their three kids but also have an Airstream pizza shop called Happy Camper Pizza.

Their site is full of amazing photography, be sure to check them out.


A Life Made SimpleA Life Made Simple

This blog is run by the Woods Clan, also known as Derek and Teresa with their daughter and faithful dog sidekick.

They hail from Canada and travel across North America in a converted van. Their blog inspires others to enjoy living a simple, adventures and fun life.

AluminariumAluminariumThese three (counting their dog, Curtis) are seasoned experts of living on the road. They started back in 2005 and have been full-time in their 2012 Airstream Flying Cloud ever since.

With well over 2,000 days on the road, you can learn a lot from following their blog.

Ardent CamperArdent Camper

This blog is a great resource for becoming a digital nomad.

What’s a digital nomad you ask? It’s when you are able to work online from anywhere. Josh and Marie are experts at this and are kind enough to share their experiences and guidance on their blog.

If you want to be able to work while seeing the great outdoors, check them out from this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.

Bob Wells - Cheap RV LIvingBob Wells - Cheap RV LIving

A life on the road can get expensive–fast! This is where Bob Wells comes in.

As a road-traveling veteran, Bob knows hows to preserve, replace or fix your vehicle for cheap.

Check out our full interview with Bob of Cheap RV Living.

Currently WanderingCurrently Wandering

Currently Wondering is another family-traveling-in-an-Airstream blog.

They have amazing photos and have created great guides on cities, parks, and activities to do.

Their blog also has a great FAQ section to help those looking to get started.

Ditching SuburbiaDitching SuburbiaDitching Suburbia helps families find lives outside of the suburbs so they can have closer family relationships, live in a simpler fashion, give their kids a richer education, and find more family adventures, a favorite on this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.


Do It Yourself RVDo It Yourself RV

Do you like to do things with your own hands?

DIY RV has a lot of great guides on builds, mods, and tips for getting the most out of your RV.

Have a vintage trailer or equipment? They’ve got tips for those as well.


Drive Dive DevourDrive Dive Devour


We would call Kerensa and Brandon’s blog a triple threat!

A triple threat because along with sharing their adventures from the road they are also experienced divers and foody’s. Be sure to check them out.

Read our full interview with Drive Dive Devour.

Geeks on TourGeeks on TourTechnology can make traveling a lot easier if you know how to use it correctly.  If you don’t it, technology can be extremely frustrating.

Jim and Chris Guild are super geeks who are here to help!

Their blog trains travelers on how to use technology to make traveling easier and more enjoyable which is why they are on this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.

Geeky ExplorersGeeky Explorers

Geeky Explorers is run by Keith and Tricia who have a lot of traveling experience.

One of our favorite things? If you’re having a hard time putting together a playlist for your travels, tune into their posts about favorite road trip songs.

You can also follow them on their progress of doing 5Ks in all 50 states.

Geogypsy TravelerGeogypsy Traveler

Gaelyn has been solo traveling for over 40 years now.

Her blog, Geogypsy Traveler, is full of her travels to national parks. Since she has worked as a park ranger for over 20 years she finds some amazing spots.

If you have questions about traveling solo, Gaelyn’s a great person with answers.

Gone With The WynnsGone With The WynnsJason and Nikki Wynn are a young couple who are taking you on their RV road trip adventures.

One of the things that they do well is creating great RV tutorial videos on everything from how to buy an RV to how to stay cool at Burning Man.

gr8 lakes campergr8 lakes camperGr8 Lakes Camper is dedicated to RV camping in the Great Lakes region.

It offers a load of tips, activities, and travel destination ideas to grab from.

If you’re planning a trip in this area, you gotta mosey on over and browse the blog.

Gypsy JournalGypsy Journal

The Gypsy Journal is a digital newspaper written with the RV traveler in mind.

Check out Nick’s blog to learn about RV tips and Miss Terry’s kitchen for RV cooking recipes.


Last year Heath quit his job, got married, and decided to travel across all 50 states in an RV.

Along the way, he worked an hourly wage job in every state for his documentary film called Hourly America.

He’s continuing to live and blog about the RV lifestyle and we are happy to have him on this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.

Interstellar Orchard

Interstellar Orchard

Back in 2012, Becky Schade decided to leave her 9-5 job making around $30,000 a year and enjoy the adventure of life on the road.

This blog is about her solo travels in a small RV. Her writing has a fun personality and great write-ups about the parks she visits.

Kellog ShowKellog ShowHow many people do you think can fit in a 300-square-foot space?

Well, the Kellogg family fits their family of 14 into their RV. The kids’ ages range from three t0 21 and are roadschooled (homeschooled on the road). The family has been roaming the country since 2012 and now on this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.

Check out our full interview with the Kellogg family.

Live Laugh RVLive Laugh RVThis blog by Ingrid and Al shows off their travel adventures around the country.

If you’re looking for tips on photography, Ingrid has a page that helps you decide which camera to bring along on the road wih this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.


Live Work DreamLive Work Dream

Jim and René bought a fifth wheel back in 2007 and have been working from wherever they park it ever since.

They cover how to make a living on the road while striving to live your dreams. Inspiring!


Long Long HoneymoonLong Long HoneymoonSean and Kristy decided to take their honeymoon on the road and haven’t looked back since.

One of our favorite things is their fun and upbeat videos on the RV travel lifestyle and we are proud to have them on this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.


Love Your RVLove Your RV

Ray and Anne sold their house and now live in their fifth wheel trailer full-time.

They provide handy tips, mods, and product reviews for your rig.


Mali MishMali MishThis family of five is living, working and exploring the country in their Airstream trailer since 2007.

They do great posts and are one of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow they are a great inclusion to this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.


Nealys on Wheels

Nealys on WheelsDeas and Jennifer Nealy have been RVing since 2013 with their three dogs.

They can take one heck of a photo and write about the parks and locations they explore.



New School NomadsNew School NomadsNew School Nomads is another young family showing how to succeed in the RV lifestyle.

Jenn and Brent do everything from work to schooling their kids from their RV. They’re also a featured blogger on the GoRVing blog.

Their blog and story are great to follow using this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.

Our FreewaysOur Freeways

Liz and Corey are a couple of wandering Texans taking the long way around the country in their vehicle.

They do a phenomenal job with their photography and is another one of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow and we are proud to have them on this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.

Be sure to check out their visual postcards.

Outside Our BubbleOutside Our BubbleDavid and Brenda are living outside the bubble for most people by traveling full-time in their motorhome.

One consistent theme that sets their blog apart from others is their strong knowledge about Class A coaches. David also does a lot of reviews on products you should bring along with on the road.

Riker RV BlogsRiker RV Blogs

Jessica and Harry Riker our enjoying their days in the comforts of their RV.

They have some good repair blog posts along with some mouth-watering recipes that you can cook up in your RV kitchen, check them out using this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.

Road Less TraveledRoad Less Traveled

Ride along with Mark and Emily as they take trips by land and by sea.

They have extensive posts about each of the places they’ve visited which include lots of stunning photos.


Road TrekingRoad Treking

Mike and Jennifer are on a mission to help people discover the small motorhome lifestyle.

Mike is an award-winning journalist and it shows in his well-written posts.


RV A GoGoRV A GoGoRV A GoGo is written by Betsy Dresser and Nancy Walters who met 20 years ago while working at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Now they show off their RV adventures on the road, writing about food, people, and sights, with photos covering it all.

RV LoveRV Love

People don’t just live the RV lifestyle, they love it!

Marc and Julie Bennett are definitely in this group of people who are enthralled with the lifestyle. Their blog posts do a great job of showing their love for it all see for yourself with this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.

For us office folk, it’s almost a cruel form of punishment to browse their blog behind a desk.

RV WanderlustRV Wanderlust

Sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride with Eric and Brittany Highland of RV Wanderlust.

These two are serious RVers who don’t take themselves too seriously with their fun, light-hearted posts.


RV Wheel LIfeRV Wheel LIfeJulianne G. Crane has been an RV enthusiast and writer for many years.

If you enjoy reading her writings on RV Wheel Life you can get even more at blogs like MotorMatters.Biz and RV where she frequently contributes.


RV With TitoRV With Tito

Brian and Melissa are living out their dream by traveling the country in their RV.

They do a great job of creating videos on RV experiences, DIY projects, and handy maintenance tips.


Shore Looks NiceShore Looks Nice

Eric and Danielle Hannan sure look nice as they travel in their RV from shore to shore.

Follow this fun couple as they continue to check items off their RV bucket list.

Check out our full interview with them. 

The Snow MadsThe Snow MadsJason and Kristen Snow are a travel-addicted couple who walked away from it all years ago and haven’t looked back.

They keep busy traveling the country with their dogs while working remotely for their day jobs.


Techno MadiaTechno Madia

Cherie and Chris are a couple of self-described geeks who use technology to engage in a full-time, hyper-mobile life.

If you have questions about the costs of traveling on the road, check out their extensive monthly travel expense log using this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.

The Fit RVThe Fit RVLooking for ideas on how to stay fit while traveling on the road?

Look no further than Stef and James blog that has lots of great tips to help you stay healthy and in shape.

Check out our full interview with the Fit RV here. 

The Roaming PintThe Roaming PintDo you like beer? Enough to jump in an RV and travel the country tasting them all?

That’s exactly what Brian and Maria are doing with their blog.

Check out our full interview with the Roaming Pint here.  


Travel with Kevin and RuthTravel with Kevin and Ruth

Kevin and Ruth Read are from Canada but spend their time exploring and sharing their travel journals through their blog.

Follow along and check out their living expenses page to see how much adventure you can have even on a small budget using this huge list of top RV lifestyle blogs in 2018.

Van TrampVan Tramp

In 2009, Tim decided to stop smoking and a trip to Yellowstone park would be a great distraction.

Staying the weekend in his 1978 Datsun is where he got bit by the RV lifestyle bug. He soon bought his Big Blue Van and has been living full-time since 2011.

Watson WanderWatson Wander

Tim and Amanda Watson are another great Airstream story. They renovated their Airstream and have been on the road for over 1,200 days.

Track their adventure and amazing statistics on this page.


Weasel MouthWeasel MouthDeke and Tiffani Waters are a couple of Airstream owners who caught the RVing bug somewhat early in life.

Check out their blog to find out where the name Weasel Mouth comes from.


Wheeling ItWheeling ItIn 2010, Paul and Nina packed up 12 paws (we’ll let you do the math) and put it into a 40-foot RV to hit the road full-time.

They’re experts on how to take care of all these paws while on the road.


Where RV GoingWhere RV Going

This adventurous family of five, led by David and Carley, travel all around the country.

If you want to get RV product reviews and tips from a family perspective, look no further.


Winnebago LifeWinnebago Life A couple of years ago, the RV manufacturer Winnebago began creating lifestyle content for RVers. WinnebagoLife, or GoLife as they like to call it, contains a healthy amount of blog tips, ideas, travel videos, and more.

Though they feature Winnebago owners regularly, the content can be enjoyed by many.


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Thank You For Your Recommendations

When we released this blog post we thought that we did a good job including most of the RV Lifestyle Blogs.

Boy…. were we wrong! We were so ecstatic at the amount of amazing full-time RVers in the world!

We have been jumping around the office ever since!

Next time we do this we will make smaller lists by type of RVers like Airstreamers, Roadschoolers, and CamperVans.

Here are more amazing RV blogs that you should check out!

  • Camper Chronicles – Lee and Tracy are proud empty nesters who have been RVing full-time since 2014.
  • Cheddar Yeti – The name comes from what they call their Motorhome. This power couple displays the fun and freedom of the nomadic life.
  • Fun Fit Road Trip – This couple is on a mission to find and try new workouts across the nation. If you are looking for workout inspiration check out their blog.
  • Jay & Jazz – Sharing adventures (and misadventures) in camping & road tripping in their 1994 Fleetwood Tioga motorhome, otherwise known as Lady T.
  • Jimbo’s Journeys – Jim Melvin (aka Jimbo) has been living the RV lifestyle for years and has visited countries in Canada, United States, and Mexico.
  • – A travel blog by Bob & Becky featuring their two Airstreams, a 25FB International Sterling and an Airstream Interstate we call Steely Van!
  • Just Finding Our Way – John Schroeder retired in 2013 and has been traveling in his Scamp 19 ever since. I had not seen a Scamp 19 before, I suggest you check it out.
  • Land Yacht Liberty – Travelog of Dan & Lisa with their two Maine Coon Cats traveling the United States in their RV.
  • Living the RV Dream – John and Kathy are the brains behind this blog and podcast that helps people get started out with the RV life.
  • Metamorphosis Road – Hans and Lisa realized their dream of retiring early and hitting the road full-time in an RV. Follow their adventures here.
  • Nerds on the Road – This blog is made up of two nerdy humans and several nerdy little animals who love to travel and explore everything they can. They live full-time in their 2013 5th wheel toy hauler, traveling the U.S., and sometimes going overseas.
  • Nomadic Fanatic TV – Incredible videos by Eric Jacobs adventures living in an RV full-time, boondocking, urban camping, and living off solar.
  • Roadzies – Join this Roadschooling family of four as they embark upon amazing adventures throughout all of the USA.
  • RV Across America – Lots of helpful “how to” articles on how to live in an RV.
  • RV Vegan Living – A blog on living happy & healthy while on wheels.
  • RVing Done Right – Jon learned a few things in his brief but exciting time as an RV dweller, and this site is his opportunity to pass that knowledge on to his readers.
  • Sunrises And Sunsets -Ed and Sharon joined at the hip for 33 years and RVers for 30 years. A fun blog to read.
  • The Accidental RVers – Arch and Anne are full-time RVers by accident, but also by choice. Follow them around the USA & Canada.
  • The Roamans – These two quit their jobs, pared down, bought an RV and have been updating this blog ever since.
  • The Rolling Toaster – If you love great photos and Airstreams look no further. This is a beautiful blog to follow.
  • This A Wayz – Harold and Tracey are both telecommuters in the tech industry who spend about 1/2 their year in an RV.
  • Those Young Guys – After a combined total of 60 years of working and way too much time spent traveling for work Norm and Lisa decided to retire and hit the road in our RV and see North America, one day at a time!
  • Truck Camper Adventures – A free online travel magazine with the sole goal of promoting the use and enjoyment of our public lands through the use of truck campers and other four-wheel drive vehicles.
  •  Towing Silver – Sold the house, bought the Airstream. No looking back! Enough said.
  • Vermilye Blog – Jon Vermilye is a retired educator who has a lot of experience in the RV Lifestyle.
  • Willy Wagon – Follow this family as they travel across the country.

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