Track delta variant COVID hospitalizations, transmission rates in Athens, Clarke County

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COVID-19 breakthrough infections: Can vaccinated people get infected?

People who are fully vaccinated can get COVID, but experts say they’re unlikely to get severely ill.

Staff video, USA TODAY

As the hospitalization and transmission rates for COVID-19 begin to rise in Georgia, Clarke County has seen its case number bump up over the past few weeks.

In the last two weeks, Clarke County has reported 74 cases of COVID-19. In the last two weeks, Barrow County had 58 cases, Jackson County had 49 cases, Oconee County had 17 cases reported, Madison County had 10 cases, and Oglethorpe County had 5 cases.

Athens area COVID-19 update: Oconee leads in vaccinated %, Barrow has most new infections

In Clarke County, most of the age groups are over the average of 39% fully vaccinated and 42% partially vaccinated. Approximately 44% of residents in the age group 25 to 34 years old have received at least one dose, and as the age groups increase, so does that percentage.

Below are resources to track the COVID hospitalization and transmission rates in Clarke County and across the state of Georgia:

Active COVID cases in Georgia

COVID hospital capacity in Clarke County and Surrounding Area

COVID vaccine tracker for Georgia

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