Most Famous Travel Bloggers on the Web in 2020

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3 points that define famous and popular blogs

In our list below, you will find absolutely different websites – travel blogs about Europe, world-known platforms, budget travel blogs, websites with luxury offers, American travel bloggers, and much more. The websites may be different, but all famous and popular sites have 3 points in common:

  1. Attendance – the project must have traffic. The volume may vary, but in their own niches, for example, budget travels, famous travel bloggers must be the leaders.
  2. Recognition – the audience knows the project or the brand very well.
  3. Confidence – readers rely on the authors’ opinions and trust the information.

We cannot compare projects only in terms of traffic. A blogger could choose travel or some specific aspect of tourism, such as coupons and sales on flight tickets. Projects in different niches cannot be compared to each other; they compete inside their own niches.

Top 15 travel bloggers

We tried to collect the best travel bloggers on the web in 2020 in various travel-related niches. Following is our list of the TOP websites.

Nomad Revelations

This particular travel blog covers destinations on all six continents. It tends to be very good about updating its content. The bloggers on this website cover a wide range of locations across each continent, providing readers with all the information they need to plan their trip. What makes it very popular is that it offers detailed information and unique perspectives from its travelers.

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond, which is one of the popular travel blogs, is run by a man named Mathew. It offers some truly amazing posts and information about many locations throughout the world. Whether it is swimming with bull sharks in Fiji or hitchhiking across America, Mathew has some truly unique experiences and tips to share with those who are interested in such adventures. This travel blog is one of the most popular blogs about traveling on the internet, simply because the content is so incredibly unique and interesting, yet informative at the same time. Mathew’s website is certainly worth taking a look at if you plan to become a travel blogger. It has inspiring content conveyed in a very interesting writing style.

The Poor Traveler

The Poor Traveler has a number of different bloggers who create the blog’s content. This particular travel blog is known for its in-depth posts from people who travel to various parts of the world on a shoestring budget. If you want some great tips and advice on how to travel to some of the best destinations without spending much in the process, you will certainly be interested in the content of this travel blog. There are lots of posts about a number of locations around the world, so it is definitely worth a look.


This blogger is widely regarded as one of the best female solo travel bloggers today. Mariellan, the owner of the blog, has traveled to and written about many destinations all over the world. The destinations listed on her website include Bhutan, Canada, Costa Rica, India, England, Ireland, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

There is a fairly constant stream of content on this travel blog, and most of the posts have quite a bit of substance to them. If you have been looking for a new travel blog that will provide you with extremely valuable and insightful information, this one may be of great help to you.

The Fearful Adventurer

The Fearful Adventurer is a travel blogger who approaches the travel blog from a different perspective. Having traveled to some of the more exotic and dangerous locations in the world, this blogger has a lot of insight to offer travelers. Torre is the name of the woman who writes for this blog, and she has seen quite a bit of action throughout her travels. She provides those who are planning their next trips with valuable information about accommodations, food, attractions, activities, and more for every location to which she travels.

Nero and Me

This travel blogger, named Joshua, definitely has one of the most inspirational and interesting travel blogs on the web. Nero and Me follows the adventures of this blogger throughout the UK as he travels only with his backpack and his dog, Nero. So far, Joshua has explored and written about various locations in five countries. However, he has clearly stated that he plans to branch out and expand his travels to many other places in the future. The adventurous spirit of this travel blogger is definitely something to be admired, and his posts are intriguing, to say the least. With some truly amazing photos to accompany his interesting and informative posts, this travel blog is one of the best you will find on the internet today.

Traveller Soul

Karla, the author of this travel blog, is an award-winning writer and constant traveler. Her blog covers locations all over the world. When you visit her blog, you will discover a number of topics, ranging from teaching English to studying abroad. This travel blog caters to the needs and interests of many different people, which is one of the reasons why it has become so incredibly popular.

Bemused BackPacker

Mike Huxley has traveled to many places around the world, and has written about his experiences in each one in detail. Bemused BackPacker maintains the goal of helping others explore the world on a budget. Those who want some truly remarkable adventures around the world without spending a lot of money will definitely find this blog to be an incredible resource. Those who want to learn how to avoid contributing to animal cruelty when traveling will also find this blog to be quite helpful.

Two Monkeys Travel Group

Kach and Jonathan are well-established writers and travel bloggers. This isn’t surprising when you consider that they are travelling from 2013. Their travel blog covers a number of locations throughout the world, offering great information for those who want to explore Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe and other regions.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is a travel blog with more than 1,000,000 readers who plan their trips with the help of experienced travelers. The blog helps visitors plan their trips and also teaches them how to build a career in the travel niche. Matt is a New York Times bestselling author who sells his books on the blog. He earns money by selling flight tickets, hotel rooms, travel insurance and other services that he has used while traveling. He has very interesting ideas, tips and knowledge for both visitors and website owners.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest are the platforms that Matt uses to advertise his project.

Hippie in Heels

Rachel Jones, the owner of Hippie in Heels, decided to quit her nursing career to travel freely and make her dreams come true. As an American travel blogger, she has lived in India but traveled to many other destinations in the world as well. She sells many travel-related products to earn money by travel blogging.

The inspirational and informative posts on her blog have attracted a large audience. As with the other countries she has visited, India travel is very well-described in her blog to help visitors plan their trips to India. She uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube channels to attract a larger audience to her blog. Her blog also has an interesting, personalised design to attract visitors.

Y Travel Blog

A passionate couple started their inspirational travel blogging in 2010 by sharing their own travels to different destinations. They have lived in 5 countries and traveled to 52 countries. Even having kids could not stop them. They have very interesting ideas and advice for their visitors and give especially good information about how to travel as a family.

They earn money by selling flights, hotels, travel insurance and guides, as well as their own products in their store. They have more than 45,000 followers on Instagram and also use many other social media platforms to promote their blog.

Hand Luggage Only

‘Hand Luggage Only’ began with 2 university students’ wish to share their travels with others. When you visit their blog, you’ll see a very well-organised travel site. It is not only about traveling but also about photography and food. They provide tips and information about these topics to their visitors. The quality of the pictures from their travels is outstanding. As seen from the comments, they are very responsive to their visitors. In addition to many social media platforms, they use email subscriptions to get more visitors to their page. Click here to learn more about email marketing strategies.

One Mile at a Time

The One Mile at a Time project was started in 2008 by a guy nicknamed Lucky, who received an email with a mile offer. Through this, he began his journey of more than 4 million miles. He has very helpful information, especially about miles and points. This is one of the best travel blogs in 2020.

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten, the owner of the blog, started this project by quitting her career in finance in LA. Her aim is to inspire people to live the lives they love. In her blog, she explains how she manages her budget and has traveled to 50 countries so far.

She earns money through affiliate programs, press trips, content creation, social media marketing consultancy, and photography travel tours. She uses social media effectively to promote her own blog.

Regional Travel Bloggers

Some regional travel bloggers are as well-known as the world-famous travel bloggers above. Their projects focus on one region, not the whole world, and they provide detailed information about the region.

In some way, the idea of having a narrow project is advantageous to blog owners. For example, a large-scale travel blog that covers different regions of the world requires more effort and money to provide trustworthy information. However, regional blogs are much easier to maintain and to supply you with traffic that is definitely interested in that region. Here are some regional blogs for you to examine:

  1. Home is Where Your Bag is: A travel blog about Philippines and south Asia; it sheds light on travel information related to this region.
  2. Backpacking Africa for Beginners: With this African travel blog, Valeria shows the good side of Africa, with many stories and photographs. She also shares many useful tips and the best plans for an African trip.
  3. Travel Sense Asia: This is a good travel blog about Asia, with much knowledge about the region.

15 Most Famous Travel Bloggers on the Web in 2018

Top 5 Travel Vloggers

Above, you may have noticed that most of the travel bloggers have YouTube channels to promote their blogs. Apart from the promotion of your blog, another way to earn online is to become a vlogger on YouTube. If you love creating beautiful and attractive videos, as well as helping your followers, you can start your own YouTube travel channel today by examining these famous travel vloggers.

  1. Fun for Luis: A daily vlog about his crazy and funny adventures; followed by more than 2 million people.
  2. Migrationology: Has the best travel vlogs. He focuses on food and creates many great vlogs about cuisine in different countries. More than 2 million people love to watch and follow his vlogs.
  3. Ben Brown: With daily vlogs, Ben Brown is a master at storytelling. His Visual Vibes vlogs provide breathless views. He has more than 720,000 followers.
  4. Vegabrothers: This is another successful travel YouTube channel to follow. Alex and Marco give their followers great tips for vacations and saving on vacation costs. They have around 700,000
  5. Hey Nadine: With 500,000 followers, Nadine Sykoragives the audience what it wants by uploading a vlog twice a week. She creates great vlogs about food, entertainment, fashion and more topics related to traveling. Her series ‘What I Eat in a Day in…’ is followed by many people.

If you love watching more than reading, these are the travel blogs to follow on YouTube. You can also create your own channel and earn on it through Travelpayouts. Read our article to learn more about travel vlogging. For example, you will learn that successful and popular vloggers not only appear on YouTube, but have other social accounts – Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram and others.

How to become a famous and popular travel blogger

Among all these famous travel bloggers, here are some common qualities that are the keys to their success:

  • Enthusiasm for what they do;
  • Creative and informative content;
  • Constant flow of content and continuous updates;
  • An interesting and beautiful design;
  • Blog promotion on different platforms, such as social media and email subscription, because followers are their source of traffic; read more about blog promotion tips;
  • Different types of earning methods, like affiliate marketing, selling their own products, consultancy about blogging and so on. To earn more, read this article about monetization methods.

In simple words, you have to work, work and work. We are always here to make your work easier and more profitable. Join the Travelpayouts affiliate network if you haven’t already, and monetize your project. Also, we have prepared a set of guides on how to make travel blog better. For example, you can learn how to create and maintain your travel blog, or you can prepare and be ready for the future costs. We have collected them in one place.


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