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As the delta variant spreads, the State Health Officer urges all Mississippians 12 and older to be vaccinated. Masks should be worn by everyone in indoor public places, and those 65 and older or with a chronic medical condition should avoid large indoor gatherings. Details »

General Information

COVID-19 in Mississippi

New Cases and Deaths as of August 2


New COVID-19 positive test results reported to MSDH as of 3 p.m. yesterday.



New COVID-19 related deaths identified by MSDH as of 3 p.m. yesterday.

Twenty one deaths occurred between July 29 and August 2 in the county below:

County list

County Total
Amite 1
Forrest 3
Harrison 5
Hinds 1
Jackson 2
Lamar 1
Lowndes 1
Pearl River 1
Pike 1
Scott 1
Smith 1
Wayne 2
Yazoo 1

Thirteen deaths occurred between February 13 and July 27, identified from death certificate reports.

County list

County Total
Adams 2
Attala 1
Copiah 1
Hinds 2
Itawamba 1
Leake 1
Lee 1
Marion 1
Monroe 1
Rankin 1
Tippah 1


About our case counts: We currently update our case totals each weekday based on test results reported to MSDH from the previous day (or weekend). Multiple positive tests for the same individual are counted only once. County case numbers and deaths may change as investigation finds new or additional information.

COVID-19 Data Reports

  • Variants PDF
    New format for this report. Selected COVID-19 variants identified over time, determined from a sampling of COVID-19 cases since January 2021. Updated weekly
  • Vaccinations
    COVID-19 vaccinations administered in Mississippi, as reported to MSDH by vaccination providers
  • Deaths by cause
    Deaths from COVID-19 pneumonia/influenza, and heart disease; updated weekly
  • Long-term care facilities
    LTC and residential care facility cases and deaths reported to MSDH by facilities
  • Nursing homes
    Ongoing outbreaks and other data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)
  • Schools 2020-2021
    Weekly COVID-19 cases, outbreaks and exposure reported by Mississippi K-12 schools through May 2021.

Cumulative Cases and Deaths by County

Totals of all reported COVID-19 cases, including those in long-term care (LTC) facilities.

The numbers in this table are provisional. County case and deaths totals may change as investigation finds new or additional information.

Case Classifications

Mississippi investigates and reports both probable and confirmed cases and deaths according to the CSTE case definition.

Confirmed Probable Total
Cases 212,906 137,164 350,070
Deaths 5,237 2,353 7,590

Confirmed cases and deaths are generally determined by positive PCR tests, which detect the presence of ongoing coronavirus infection.

Probable cases are those who test positive by other testing methods such as antibody or antigen, and have recent symptoms consistent with COVID-19, indicating a recent infection.

Probable deaths are those individuals with a designation of COVID-19 as a cause of death on the death certificate, but where no confirmatory testing was performed.

Mississippi COVID-19 Data Charts and Maps

Hospitalizations and Bed Availability

Hospitalization Trend to Date

Updated weekly

Hospital Bed Availability

Updated weekdays (interactive)

Case and Incidence Maps

Recent COVID-19 Activity

Updated weekly

The chart below shows counties according to COVID-19 incidence (cases by population) over the last two weeks. Also see weekly county incidence tables

Cumulative COVID-19 Cases

Total cases and deaths by county since the start of the pandemic. Also see weekly estimate of recoveries

Daily Statewide Data Charts

Updated Tuesday-Friday. Our state case map and other data charts are also available in interactive form.

The charts below are based on available data at the time of publication. Charts do not include cases where insufficient details of the case are known.

Note: Values up to two weeks in the past on the chart of Cases by Date above can change as we update it with new information from disease investigation.

Weekly Statewide Data Charts


  • Cases, deaths and hospitalizations, analyzed by age, race/ethnicity, gender and other factors
  • MIS-C cases and deaths
  • Counties with high COVID-19 cases and incidence
  • Syndromic surveillance

All weekly charts

Weekly Pediatric MIS-C Cases and Deaths

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) is a rare but serious condition associated with COVID-19 that causes inflammation in many body parts, including the heart and other vital organs.

Weekly High Case and High Incidence Counties

Tracking counties with recent high numbers of COVID-19 cases, adjusted for population, provides insight on where local outbreaks are most serious, and where protective measures should be increased. For more accurate reporting, these weekly charts include sample collection dates only up to seven days in the past to allow for case investigation and delays in lab test reports.

Cases counts in these charts is based on the date of illness onset. If the date of illness is not known, the date the test sample was taken, or the date of test result reporting is used instead. Counts are adjusted as cases are investigated.

Counties are ranked by two-week case counts, and by two-week incidence (cases proportional to population). A separate table ranking all counties is also available. All tables updated weekly.

Syndromic Surveillance

Emergency department visits by those with symptoms characteristic of COVID-19, influenza and pneumonia, updated weekly.

Estimated Recoveries

Presumed COVID-19 cases recovered, estimated weekly (does not include cases still under investigation).

U.S. and World Cases

Prevention and Guidance for Individuals and the Community

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