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You can find COVID-19 testing locations at Check with the testing location to see if they offer testing for travel. Keep in mind that COVID-19 testing for travel may not be covered by insurance. Make sure to call your insurance provider to find out if you will be responsible to pay for the test. 

Some travel destinations may also require testing to be done at specific testing locations. You are also responsible for making sure your travel destination will accept the type of COVID-19 test you get. Travel destinations which require proof of a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival may offer testing to travelers or the option for a mandatory quarantine for those who do not wish to be or who are unable to be tested upon arrival. 

Travelers are responsible for following any travel requirements of their destination. Please visit the state, country, airline, or travel destination website of the area you are traveling to for more information and to see what testing locations and types of tests meet their requirements. If you need a letter stating you’ve recently tested positive for COVID-19 and have completed your isolation, you may email the Utah Department of Health at


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