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Due to some reporting delays with the vaccination data, the vaccination metrics reported are complete through Thursday, July 22, 2021.

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Data Sources

Case and testing data used in this dashboard is available in raw form to view, download, or create your own visualizations on the City’s Open Data Portal.

The Alameda County hospitalization data comes from the California Department of Public Health COVID-19 “Hospitals by County” dataset. 

Alameda County COVID-19 data

Notes & limitations

Overall limitations

Case counts only reflect lab-confirmed cases, not the total number of people in Berkeley who have been infected with COVID-19. Many people with COVID-19 experience mild or no symptoms, but they can still spread the disease to others.

For detailed information on specific data sets, including definitions and limitations, see the one-page narrative for the data set on the Open Data Portal.

Disparities in vaccination rates for people 16-34 years old are due to challenges with tracking and reporting vaccinations among people affiliated with UC Berkeley in the CAIR reporting system and population estimates for this age group including individuals who are either not currently living in Berkeley, or who gave a different address of residence when receiving their vaccine. More information on UC Berkeley vaccination rates can be found here:


  Dashboard data is updated every business day. Web page content last updated July 26, 2021

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