COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease)

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that can cause severe illness in some people. Since 2019, the spread of COVID-19 has had a devastating impact around the world and across our state. The You Stop the Spread campaign aims to help the people of Wisconsin stay informed and protect their health and their community. Together, we can stop COVID-19.

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Learn how to protect yourself and others from serious illness, find the support you need to weather the pandemic, and stay up to date on ways to stop the spread in your community.

Get the facts on the COVID-19 vaccine, including how to schedule an appointment and what to expect after you’re fully vaccinated.

Get the latest statistics, including vaccine distribution, COVID-19 variants, hospital impacts, how our data is collected and more.

Learn the basics on COVID-19 testing, including when to get a test, how to get a test, and what to expect.  

Know the symptoms of COVID-19 and next steps after you are exposed or diagnosed.


Understand the risks and see best practices for staying safe.

Learn how to prevent COVID-19, how to get tested if you’ve been exposed, and how to manage stress caused by the pandemic.

Learn what you need to know before you travel and see frequently asked questions.

Find resources for businesses, employers, and employees.



Safely get back to the people and experiences you love.

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Download COVID-19 educational resources—from posters and signs to fact sheets and videos—in multiple languages.

Access health, nutrition, and caretaking services. ForwardHealth brings together a variety of health care, nutritional and caretaker programs and resources, making it easier for members to improve health outcomes. Browse the full list of programs.

The Department of Health Services offers a wide range of programs that can help you overcome the impacts of COVID-19. Learn about specific programs.

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