Check COVID-19 travel restrictions for the places you want to go

Important: We recommend you confirm all guidance with official government sites and check with your travel insurance issuer. Your travel insurance may be invalidated if you travel against government advice.

Please note: This information is provided by a third party, Sherpa, and is meant for informational purposes only. Expedia is not responsible for its accuracy. Given how quickly the travel requirements are evolving, you should not rely solely on this tool in making travel arrangements and should confirm the accuracy of any government guidance, restrictions, or requirements.

By using this tool, you acknowledge you have read this note and agree to our site’s terms of use and privacy policy (links below). Where the information above is not provided in your local language, neither Expedia nor Sherpa is responsible for any translation that you or a third party (e.g. Google Translate) carry out on such information.


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