Best Travel Blogs by Category

best travel blogs of 2020

A list of the best travel blogs that we are fans of and personally follow. These travelers are inspiring, offer great advice, share in depth travel tips, to help you travel the world. Plus, we know a lot of them in person too!

This list has been going since 2009 and we continuously update it when we find interesting travel bloggers around the web.

These travel blogs are broken down by category to help you find what you are looking for

Most of the travel blogs on this list are travelers that have been doing their jobs for years. They have honed their skills in travel photography, travel writing, and social media. Through their words, they show their passion for travel and travel blogging.

They have been exploring the world for a very long time and have thousands of articles filled with expertise. We’ve seen many travel bloggers come and go, these are the blogs that will be around for years to come.

Best Travel Blogs

Travel Blogs Category Breakdown

These Travel Blogs have consistently been leaders in the industry for years on end. These are our go-to travel websites and they are excellent fill with great photography, travel tips and advice. Most of these blogs have not only been around for a long time, but they also have authority, expertise, and experience.

Featured Travel Blog

Curb Free with Cory Lee – Cory runs the inspiring and award-winning travel blog CurbFreeWithCoryLee. He is breaking barriers and sharing his travel experience as a disabled traveler. Cory has written a children’s book, won numerous awards, is a key note speaker, leads his own tours and was named “Person of the Year” by Mobility Magazine. Cory proves that you can travel the world and overcome any obstacles that you may face in life.

Adventure Blogs

best adventure travel blogs | woman hiking in yukon

Adventure travel is the foundation of our travel blog so we love finding people pushing their limits. These are true adventurers that see the world through the lens of adventure. if you want to be inspired to push your limits, these are the people to follow.

Expert Vagabond– is one of the best adventure blogs. We’ve been following Matt for nearly a decade as he does everything from hitchhiking across the US to trekking through Afghanistan. If you are looking for some extreme adventures, he is the place to go. But Matt also shares step by step guides for everything from how to rent a car in Europe to and great travel photography

Adventure Junkies – An amazing resource of travel guides for all things adventure. When you are planning your next trip, look to this travel blog for everything adventure! – A place for those who seek adrenaline and have a curiosity for new unique destinations.

Hike Bike Travel – Canadian adventurer, Leigh offers itineraries and travel tips focusing on hiking and adventures from over 3 decades of travel. We met Leigh while cycling Africa in 2008 and she was as inspiring then as she is today!

Monkeys and Mountains – One of the best hiking and outdoor blogs for nearly a decade. Adventure by day, luxury by night. Canadian ex-pat Lauren lives in Germany but shares adventure travel tips from around the world.

Nomadaurus – Alesha and Jarryd travel the world full time, 365 days a year since 2008. They are now living the van life through Australia be sure to check them out on social media too.

Divergent Travelers – America’s Adventure Couple living by the motto – Dare, Dream, Diverge. They are still traveling full time and going strong!

Mapping Megan – Megan and Mike are Adrenaline junkies sharing travel tips and advice around the world.

Wild Junket – One of the first blogs we ever followed! Veteran adventure travel blogger, tour leader, and mum on a quest to visit every country in the world. Nellie has been traveling blogging since 2008/

The World Travel Guy – David has done it all from surviving earthquakes in Indonesia to bombings in Bangkok. And he does it all on a modest budget.

Budget Travellers

budget travel bloggers ha long bay vietnamThe wonderful Halong Bay, Unesco world heritage in Vietnam

Travel is expensive, but these travelers show you how to make the most of your budget on the road while sharing fun travel stories from around the world.

NomadicMatt – is the original celebrity travel blog. Check every top 10 list and he’s there. Matt shares travel tips, travel itineraries, blogging advice, and information on just about anything you need regarding travel. He also runs a course on how to be a travel blogger. Matt was the first travel blog to make any money in this business and he is generous in giving travel tips and advice for anyone seeking a career in travel or anyone looking to plan a trip around the world. Travel blogging since 2008, Matt knows his stuff. He also runs a travel conference and owns a hostel in Austin Texas.

Budget Traveller – One of the best resources for budget travel. Kash has a unique niche of making budget travel glamorous and luxurious. He shares travel tips for living in luxury while saving money.

Fox Nomad – Excellent resource for budget travel tips, green, safety, culture, and technology while traveling the world.

Goats On The Road – Canadian Adventure-loving, travel couple that is not only a travel blog, but they share advice on how to how to be a digital nomad and remote working.

Professional Hobo – Our favorite travel lover who has focused on budget and finance travel for more than a decade. Fellow Canadian writer Nora shares financial travel tips and advice to make your travels last.

Travel Freak – Jeremy has been living life to the fullest at TravelFreak. Jeremy has been travel blogging since 2010 and has long been a leader in travels around the world.

Wandering Earl – Traveling non-stop since 1999. Inspiring the world with 18 years of travel! Earl is full of amazing travel stories and advice. When planning your next trip, check out his travel blog because he also runs tours!

Canadian Travel Bloggers

 canadian bloggers

Canadians take up a lot of real estate on the Internet in the world of Travel Bloggers. While going through our list, we noticed that a lot of our favorite travelers are Canadian! (Psst, there are other Canadian Blogs listed throughout this list. We’ve bolded them. How many can you find? )

Going Awesome Places – Looking for detailed itineraries and travel guides? Will’s travel blog is the place to go! He is filled with travel tips and also runs the Toronto chapter of Travel Massive. We met Will way back when he was just starting out and since then he has grown to one of the most successful travel bloggers in Canada. He blogs full time about exotic locations in China and Africa to local destinations here in Canada.

Globetrotting Mama – contributing editor at National Geographic, columnist at the Globe and Mail, and so much more! Follow Heather and her family around the world. Heather shares amazing travel stories and has won many awards. We just love that we can brag a little that we know her personally!

Legal Nomads – A Former Lawyer eating her way around the world since 2008! Jodi has been travel blogging since 2009 and focuses on helping people overcome obstacles. She has a series of books about traveling with Celiac disease and has been named on many a top 10 travel blog list throughout her entire successful career. She’s OG travel blogger who we personally have known and loved for more than a decade.

Bacon in Magic – Sharing the best food from around the world and how to make it at home. We’ve been following Ayngelina’s travel stories for nearly a decade.

Travel Junkie Julia – On-air TV travel host and accomplished writer transitioning from the solo female travelers niche to family travel. We were huge fans of her TV show and now can call her a personal friend.

Oneika the Traveller – Canadian on-air personality, host, journalist and award-winning travel blogger. She focuses on travel and lifestyle.

Cheese Web – Alison is a Canadian lifestyle and garden photographer.

I Backpack Canada – Everything you need to know about travel and backpacking in Canada with excellent travel tips and advice.

KatherineAnywhere – Award-winning TV Editor, Travel Writer, and family travel expert who is part of our Toronto travel circle of friends.

Rudderless Travel – Great resource for short trip/mini-breaks; weekend getaways or business trips. And our personal friend who is part of the great Toronto crew.

Thirsty Journeys – Quenching your thirst and reviewing drinks from around the world. This my type of blog!

Traveling Mitch – Currently in Toronto but still searching for that place to call home. Chris is a good friend and part of our travel tribe in Toronto.

Wandering Wagars – An adventure travel family that has traveled with their two boys to over 18 countries on 4 continents. Kevin is also a good friend in our Toronto Crew.

Favorite Travel Couples

travel blogs couple in northern canada winter

As a travel couple ourselves, we are always looking for other couples to inspire us. These are our favorite travel couples.

Drink Tea Travel – Max and Oksana call Canada home but hold several passports between them. You may think we’re a little bias since Max and Oksana have a Canadian connection, but they are constantly on the road full time. This summer they just completed the van life across Canada. They own a sustainable resort in Costa Rica and they are heading to Australia. If you are looking for people doing surprising and unique travels, Max and Oksana are the ones to follow. They are also a great travel resource for sustainable travel.

Couple’s Coordinates – Alex and Michael call Southern California home, but travel the world 50% of the year. We love the way they capture the beauty of travel through their travel blog. The have som great photography on their blog.

Getting Stamped – First-hand accounts of couples travel and excellent photography. If you are looking for beautiful locations this travel blog is the place to go. The not only have great photography, they also have superb videos.

Honey Trek – The Worlds Longest honeymoon and writers of National Geographic’s Ultimate Journeys for Two. Check out their travel stories because they never stop! They are on the road every day sharing experiences from around the globe.

Local Adventurer – Esther and Jacob run a travel and lifestyle blog that has been moving us to a new city each year. Their in depth destinations guides are a superb resource for planning your next rip.

Explore Shaw – A travel blog with big focus on Australia travel. Watch for complete a lap of Australia in a renovated vintage caravan in 2020. 

Imvoyager – Luxury, Culture, Heritage, and Nature. Aiming to drive change through our travel.

Londoner In Sydney – a travel guide for expats moving to Sydney, Australia.

Never Ending Voyage –  a digital nomad couple who sold everything we owned to travel the world indefinitely

Roar Loud – Cathy and Frank explore the world, from mountain hikes to street art adventures.

Worthy Go – Chris and his wife Laura share what locations are worthy to visit.

Family Travel

family blogs about travel | family of three marine iguanas in the galapagos

A lot of family travelers we followed are all grown up. Several travel couples have now turned into families! And several solo travelers have turned into couples. How times have changed!

Y Travel Blog – Our favorite travel blog for families. They focus on inspiring travel stories and information. Originally from Australia, they have now made a home base in the United States where the adventures continue. They have done everything from road trips through the United States to backpacking around Southeast Asia as a family. This truly inspiring travel blog is great for planning trips around the world and at home.

Our Awesome Planet – The number one travel blog in the Philippines with some great videos too.

52 Perfect Days – French Born, American travel writer shows you how to turn your travel dreams into reality.

2Travel Dads – 2 Dads showing their 2 Kids the world. They are the oroginal LGBTQ family travel blog.

Explore With Erin – Family travel combining lifestyle, food and her travel s with her family.

A Revolving Compass – A travel couple from India sharing how to travel more with kids, in spite of having day jobs.

Traveling Canucks – We knew this Canadian couple when they were a duo, now they are a family!

Vagabond3 – A Twitter contest in 2009 started their travel with three people, now they do adventures around the world as a family.

LGBTQ Bloggers

best lgbtq travel blog sites

We love how diverse the travel blogging space is. Travel inspires people and breaks down barriers. These are the blogs leading the way.

Out With Ryan – Definitely, our favorite travel blog and he’s a good friend to boot!. Canadian blogger Ryan won the 2018 Notable Travel Influencer of the Year Award! Ryan is always doing something exciting. He splits his time (when not traveling) between Canada and Romania with his partner Andrei. We love these two. They are the perfect couple and Ryan’s travel blog is so much fun to follow. Check him out on social media as well he’s very active.

Dobber Nation Loves – Canadian Andrew Dobson blog covers travel, lifestyle, and food from around the world.

Nomadic Boys – Stefan and Sebastien are a gay couple showcasing romantic, culinary, and outdoor adventures.

Travels of Adam – Based in the United States, in New York City, Adam lived in Germany and traveled the world. He is keeping the lifestyle blog for men and other stylish travelers.

The Globetrotter Guys – Sion and Ben are a married couple from the UK showcasing the best luxury and adventure gay travel hotspots around the world.

Luxury Travel Blogs

luxury travel blogs | infinity pool in santorini greece

There are a few people that really know how to travel in style. Here are some luxury blogs to check out.

Johnny Jet  – Johnny was named the original influencer by Forbes Magazine and is one of the top 10 travel influencers in the world. Johnny has been sharing travel tips, luxury travel experiences, and financial advice for more than a decade. He is the celebrity travel blog that everyone knows. Johnny shows up as a travel expert in places like the Today Show, Good Morning America and so much more. For serious travel tips check him out.

Anna Everywhere – You’ll find Ann at a luxury hotel one day and at an active volcano the next.

Camels and Chocolate – Kristin Luna is a photo-taking, food-loving, Southern belle of a journalist.

Luxe Adventure Traveler – How to have luxury adventure vacations. Adventure isn’t all about roughing it.

Velvet Escape – Keiths travels are his Velvet Escape which acts as a platform for his travel ideas, travel tips, and travel photos. One of the first travel bloggers we met in real life!

Wandering Carol – Respected Canadian travel writer and columnist that also runs this luxury travel blog. She has written for every travel magazine and newspaper out there. I’ve been following her since she ran a column in the Toronto Star and love that I can now call her a friend!

Amazing Travel Photography

travel photographers photography blogs | silhouette on lake reflection at sunset

We love beautiful photography. These are the photography blogs that that stand out to us and not only share beautiful photos from around the world, but travel tips, travel advice and solid photography information.

Insatiable Traveler – Our favorite travel photographer and really good friend. Enjoy the award-winning photography of Susan Portnoy showcasing safaris, inspiration and travel tips. In 2020 she was named photographer of the year in the Bill Muster Awards.

Lola Akinmede – Award-winning photographer based in Sweden and represented by National Geographic Creative. You’ll love her amazing travel photography. She’s written books, runs tours. Lola does it all!

Mallory on Travel – Making Every Day an Adventure! This travel blog takes you off the beaten path through great photography.

Minority Nomad – Erick is on a quest to become the first African American to visit every country in the world. His blog not only has great photography, it is filled with information on travel destinations that are off the beaten track.

Ottsworld – Sherry has been traveling non-stop full time for more than a decade! You’ll love her travel photography and cool fact! We spent 6 weeks in a car with her on the Mongol Rally. Sherry definitely goes off the beaten path regularly taking on amazing adventures.

Everything Everywhere – Travel blogging around the world since 2007. Gary’s been named travel photographer of the year and originally focused on travel photography. He now talks about history and other travel passions.

Solo Female Travelers

solo female travelers woman at sunset overlooking ocean

These solo female travelers are an inspiration giving travel tips and advice on traveling the world solo while empowering women.We have met nearly every one of these amazing travel exerpts and they are as nice in person as they are on their blogs.

Adventurous Kate – One of the best bloggers for more than a decade. Kate has traveled to more than 74 countries 7 continents. She’s gone to off the beaten path destinations and had zany adventures like going down with a sinking ship in Indonesia. A traveler and activist Kate inspires women to step out of their comfort zones. Her travel blog covers travel tips, and inspiring women to go solo.

The Blonde Abroad – Kiersten is the premiere solo female traveler at The Blonde Abroad, focusing on travel and lifestyle. She’s pretty much in every top 10 travel blog list out there! The Blonde Abroad was included in the top 10 Travel influencers in the world. Blonde Abroad has moved more towards lifestyle now that she bought a house and has a partner, but she is still going strong in travel.

A Dangerous Business – One ordinary girl in search of life’s extraordinary stories and adventures. She has some fantastic destination guides to help you plan your next trip around the globe.

Angie Away – Our favorite travel evangelist sharing my adventures and tips on balancing life. Angie is also a successful professional in travel PR world.

Anna Sherchand – a solo female travel blog based in Australia (born in Nepal) who is passionate about helping you travel better.

Be My Travel Muse – Kristin is an award-winning solo female travel blogger and expert on solo travel. Follow her social media which is filled with great photography and personal stories.

The Blog Abroad – A fun travel blog pushing the envelope of what’s possible. From off the beaten path to luxury, this travel and lifestyle blog is fun to follow.

Globetrotting Detective – The Globetrotting Detective – Diana is an adventure travel blogger focusing on unusual travel destinations, hiking, and day trips from Munich. 

Hole In the Donut – Barbara has been sharing her full time travels through writing, photography and here travel blog since 2007 and we had the pleasure of meeting up in Thailand in 2009!

My Life’s a Movie – Alyssa’s blog truly does look and feel like she is living her own travel movie. Taking you off the beaten path but also showcasing luxury travel, we love following this travel blog.

Ordinary Traveler – Travel is more than just a vacation It’s about learning new languages, exploring new cultures, and opening our minds.

The Shooting Star – Indian Travel Blogger seeing off the beaten path travel.

Young Adventuress – An American based in New Zealand showcasing adventures around the world and in Wanaka. She is now living full time New Zealand showing the every day life of an expat abroad. Check out her social media for fantastic travel photography. She also runs courses for travel photography and blogging.

Sustainable Tourism

travel blogs sustainable Indian Macaque monkeys Rishikesh, India

Most travel bloggers are very aware of the environment and traveling responsibly (especially the blogs on this list) But these are the people that focus on eco-tourism and sustainable tourism. When looking for information on how to travel green or make your travels more meaningful, these are my go to travel resource for inspiration.

Breathe Dream Go – Mariellen splits her time between Canada and India with a focus on sustainable travel. We met Mariellen 9 years ago in New York, while we both lived in Toronto and have been friends ever since. Breathe Dream Go is our favorite travel blog about sustainability because Mariellen never stops exploring, searching to make the world a better place and learning. She has just become certified as a naturalist in India so she has gone 100% into becoming an more ethical traveler while inspiring others.

A Little Adrift – Shannon started an around the world trip in 2008 and hasn’t stopped. Her blog focuses on sustainable and meaningful travel at her travel blog, A Little Adrift.

Charlie on Travel  – a UK travel blogger writing about sustainable travel around the world.

Green Global Travel – Mary and Bret focus on nature, wildlife conservation, and cultural preservation. Bret has written for every travel magazine out there, but also a lot of music too! Their travel blog has been going strong for nearly a decade.

Uncornered Market – Dan and Audrey draw their readers in through photography and stories. Dan and Audrey were the first travel couple we followed online.

General Travel Blogs

general travel blogs working in a hammock

There are many travel blogs out there that aren’t put into a particular category. That doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing resources. These3 travelers share information and travel tips on everything from road trips to budget travel tips. They cover luxury and backpacking. They are the triple threats of the blogging world. These are other travel blogs we love.

GoNomad – Everything you want to know about travel since 2002. We first met Max at a travel conference and have been fast friends ever since! Go Nomad really understands the business of blogging. He has continuously worked with tourism boards and brands and speaks at conferences about the business of blogging.

Dave’s Travel Corner – Running since 1996, this travel blog site is huge! It’s a great travel content and research provider.

Everything Zany – Focusing on travel as a British-Filipina dual citizen showing the best of both worlds. She started her travel blog in 2015 with to build a travel community with a resource of travel tips, plus visa and travel guides for travellers

Gap Year Escape – Amar’s personal travel blog sharing the best places for backpackers to travel everywhere.

Inside The Travel Lab – Abi writes about Art, Science, and Unusual Journeys from around the world.

The Sabbatical Guide – the best resource on the internet for sabbatical and career break information.

Sophies World – Ever since I was a child, I’ve enjoyed writing and traveling.

Time Travel Turtle – Michael is a former on-air personality from Australia who switched to blogging and telling his own stories at Time Travel Turtle.. We met Michael in Spain years ago and then met up again in Australia. He’s not only successful, but he’s also a super nice guy.

The Irish Road Trip – Inspiring you to explore Ireland’s so that its charm and beauty hugs your soul. If you are looking for road trips around the world, this is the place.

Travel Addicts – The explorations of Laura and Lance, 2 busy professionals who work to support their travel habit

Travel and Destinations – Mike aims to write the highest quality content to help travelers choose the best places to travel around the world.

Traveldudes – Travel tips, information, news and advice for travelers, by travelers. Melvin’s Travel Dudes has turned into a full blown online travel community.

What’s Danny Doing –  Traveling the world in a bid to figure out exactly what he’s doing with his life. This great blog focuses on backpacking, travel tips, photography and camping. Danny will help you plan any adventure.

Video Travel Bloggers

best video travel bloggers

There are a lot of amazing travel Vloggers out there and we have a list you can follow on the link above. While there are amazing bloggers that are famous on YouTube, the guys and gals below not only have successful channels, they rund successful travel blogs too!

See You Soon Travel – Arienne is a travel writer, videographer, and photographer from Toronto, Canada. Since 2011 Arienne has been sharing professional travel videos. She is part of our travel tribe and has made a name in vlogging winning awards and working with countless brands. She is ourr favorite vlogger because she creates in depth travel itineraries through her videos inspiring us to visit a destination.

Hopscotch The Globe – Our favorite travel vloggers too! Fellow Canadians and the cutest couple we know. These two have a huge following on YouTube and share meaningful and sustainable travel information on their travel blog.

Migrationology – Migration Mark lives a spontaneous lifestyle of unplanned migrations throughout the earth. He not only has a huge travel blog, he is the biggest travel vlogger on the Internet with millions of followers.

Tourist2Townie – Follow Gareth as he finds out exactly what it takes to become part of a foreign community.

Travel Yourself – Canadian Cailin O’Neill travels the world filming her series about traveling by yourself. If you are looking for the best places to travel in Nova Scotia, she is also an expert on Canada’s east coast.

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Top Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020

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